Rotate iPhone video and convert to h.264 video

First things first: grab the required packages for the program avconv. For Ubuntu, these packages are¬†libavcodec-extra-xx (where xx is a version number) and libav-tools. For single file, run:¬†avconv -i in.MOV -c:a copy -c:v libx264 -crf 18 -preset veryfast -vf transpose=1 […]

Blocking the OTA update notifier on the Samsung Galaxy S4

This one is a piece of cake. Using an app like Titanium Backup, freeze the program “SDM.” Bam! No more popups.

Subverting’s manual IP updating for free accounts with Python is popular provider of static to dynamic host names. Their service allows those of us with dynamic IPs to have a static host name by use of a client that periodically updates the ip address the host name points […]

How to store Google Play Music on your external SD card

Google Play Music is a nice app, but it lacks the ability to store music on anything but internal storage. Here’s how to trick the application into storing your cached files on your external sdcard and free up that valuable […]

Automatic charging and wireless hotspot in the car

[Show as slideshow] A friend gifted me an Qi-based inductive cell phone charger that worked sporadically. I opened it up and found a couple bad solder joints to the power connector and cleaned them up. My cell phone, a Samsung […]

Adding auto-shutoff turn signals to a motorcycle

I always use my blinkers when I drive. Always. If I won a billion dollar powerball jackpot, I would use 900 million to form death-squads to hunt down meandering jerks who casually change lanes without even a hint of their […]

Cosmetic upgrades on a 2006 Suzuki DRZ 400 supermoto

A buddy of mine bought himself a DRZ 400 supermoto. We changed out the rear brake light and blinkers with an integrated brake/turn signal and installed an angled license plate holder. On the front end we replaced the stock headlight […]