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How to store Google Play Music on your external SD card

Google Play Music is a nice app, but it lacks the ability to store music on anything but internal storage. Here’s how to trick the application into storing your cached files on your external sdcard and free up that valuable application space. Note, you will need root access to do this as the application stores its files in a protected location.

  1. Force stop the google play music app. If you don’t mind redownloading your music, you may also perform a data and cache wipe.
  2. Using adb or a terminal emulator, open a root shell
  3. Navigate to your external sdcard. Mine is located under /storage/extSdCard. Your location may be different.
  4. Make a folder to store your settings. PlayMusic GoogleMusic, whatever. Cd into that folder and make two additional folders, ‘cache’ and ‘files’
  5. Navigate to /data/data/ If you didn’t wipe your data and cache, recursively copy the contents of the files and cache folders to their counterparts on your external sdcard. Once you have all your data, delete the cache and files folders from the folder.
  6. Use symlinks to make it appear that the two folders we just deleted are still there, when really they exist on the external sdcard. Here is what I typed to link my folders. Note: this was performed from inside the folder. You will need to add the full path to this folder if you are elsewhere in the tree.

ln -s /storage/extSdCard/GoogleMusic/files files

ln -s /storage/extSdCard/GoogleMusic/cache cache

That’s it! Fire up google play and, if needed, redownload your music.

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